July 7, 2016

Tax Preparation

As of June 30, 2016 Tab Service Company is happy to announce the successful completion of complying with the new ACA reporting for its customers.  These complex reporting requirements for health insurance providers and policy issuers were accompanied by new IT and Human Resource burdens that many companies were not prepared to handle.

At many times the Internal Revenue Service floundered to keep the new AIR e-filing system up and running.  As June quickly approached the electronic filing system was still plagued with new system bugs and overridden with high traffic that drastically slowed processing time down. This led to frequent unscheduled maintenance and eventually the agency announcing it would continue to accept transmissions past the due date without penalty.

Tab Service’s ACA reporting solution stood out from the others because we truly offered an all-encompassing product.  Many other solutions offered to produce and mail the forms but, the employer had to quickly learn how to accurately calculate form 1095-C’s codes for hundreds of employees. Other solutions offered to help you calculate the codes but didn’t e-file with the IRS.  This proved to be a big shortcoming since applying for a Transmitter Control Code (TCC) and undergoing development and testing phases to become “approved” is an arduous task. Here, we made sure that all of your bases were covered from start to finish.

If you feel like you spent too much time and energy on this year’s reporting process talk to representative to today (312) 527-4306. Now is the time to get prepared for the next reporting season.

Tab Service Company is a service bureau company that offers ACA compliance services for section 6055 reporting. Established in 1960 the company has provided organizations and businesses across the nation with BPO solutions.  We approach the section 6056 reporting and compliance from a holistic standpoint to include: tax consulting, data collection, electronic presentment and print/mailing/electronic filing.  Call today to speak to a representative (312) 527-4306