Affordable Care Act Reporting & Compliance Services TSC1099: A Complete 1099 Outsourcing Solution TSC1099: The Secure and Time Sensitive Alternative A Valued Partnership and Simple Solution

A complete 1099 outsourcing solution for your organization

If you are looking for a solution to IRS 1099 compliance, our outsourcing services are the answer

For the past 20 years, Tab Service Company has been a leading source of 1099 services for all types of companies. Our systems, developed by an in-house staff, offer a complete outsourcing solution for any type of 1099, 1098 and 1095 forms series…all at very competitive rates. TSC1099 is our convenient online application that deals specifically with IRS 1099 form processing. The web-based 1099 e-filing and forms management system, brings the power of securely managing the year-end process right to your desktop.

You will no longer have to worry about updating your software to reflect the latest IRS rules and regulations. Our 1099 outsourcing services comply with the latest tax rules and regulations – another facet of our services that will save you time over desktop tax form processing software solutions that require manual updates.

Stay compliant, reduce administrative costs and know that the job will get done right.

Web System Overview

No more desktop software hassles to deal with...

Unlike other 1099 processing services, with Tab Service Company there is no software to purchase, install and learn. We handle everything from data conversion to printing, mailing and e-filing and guarantee that every deadline is met. Many offices are not setup for processing a large sum of forms so the filing season and be disruptive. Save your organization time, money and stress during tax season by switching over to TSC1099.

We are registered with the IRS Magnetic Media Filing program and IRS FIRE (Filing Information Returns Electronically) program.


We are an IRS Approved Vendor.

Our Easy to Use 4-step Process


We Offer

US-Based Call Center Support

Can’t handle all the technical support and general FAQ calls from recipients? We provide filers with the option to use our toll-free 1-800 that is printed directly on the form. The filer is also provided with a support email resource that they can communicate to their recipients. When the inevitable…

Section 6055: Health Coverage Provider Reporting

Section 6055 requires that any entity who provides minimum essential coverage to an individual must report to the IRS and furnish statement 1095-B to individuals. This reporting covers health insurance issuers, carriers plan sponsors of self-insured group health plan coverage. The purpose of the form is to verify on an…

Section 6056: Large Employer Reporting

TSC1099 allows users to upload year-end employee data that includes basic information from which our system will calculate the codes and furnish the 1095-C tax form. The system architecture was prepared with the end-user experience in mind.  The system combines an intuitive user interface with automated form generation to make…

ACA Compliance Services: 6055/6056 Reporting

ACA Compliance Services: 6055/6056 Reporting

The Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) second filing year is quickly approaching.  For many businesses these requirements are more than they can handle alone and in-house. That’s where we come in. Tab Service Company has created a system that takes the burden off of the employer or policy issuer and emphasizes ease of…

Tax ID Verification Service

Tax ID Verification Service

Tax ID Numbers and accurate reporting An often overlooked part of 1099 compliance is making sure you are reporting the correct Tax ID/Name combination. To prevent the IRS from levying penalties for incorrect reporting and reducing the costs associated with issuing B-Notices and withholding federal tax from 1099 payments, you…

TSC1099 Web System Features

TSC1099 Web System Features Developed with the end user in mind, the TSC1099 system provides a complete web-based solution for 1099 compliance.

1099 Printing and Mailing Services

1099 Printing and Mailing Services Tab Service Company offers a quick, easy way to get your 1099’s printed and out the door every tax season.

1099 IRS E-Filing Services

1099 IRS E-Filing Services As a part of our 1099 outsourcing services, we offer complete 1099 e-filing for both Federal and state.

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