TIN Validation

IRS Tax ID Verification Service

ID Verification for IRS Purposes Is Vital

Tax ID Numbers (TIN) require accurate reporting. An often-overlooked part of 1099 compliance is making sure you are reporting the correct Tax ID/Name combinations. To prevent the IRS from levying penalties for incorrect reporting and to reduce the costs associated with issuing B-Notices and withholding federal tax from 1099 payments, you should verify the accuracy of the 1099 SSN/EIN database.

Failure to correct a mismatched TIN can be exceptionally expensive if your organization is flagged for incorrect reporting. For example, failing to correct after 30 days of discovering the mistake can result in penalties of up to $565,000. In the case of errors that go uncorrected for more than 30 days, the maximum penalty is nearly $1.7 million before Aug. 1 and almost $3.4 million after Aug. 1. If the IRS determines that there was intentional disregard, there is no limit to the penalties that may be incurred.

Having experts assisting you with your filings is the best way to avoid these types of issues. Tab Services Company provides SSN validation services as part of our capabilities to ensure you won’t have to worry about possible mistakes. Our TIN verification service makes it easy to stay on the right side of compliance. Should you make any mistakes that become filed, however, our post-filing correction processing services make it easy for you to correct them.

TSC1099 Makes IRS TIN Validation Easy

As an IRS-approved e-services provider, we can submit up to 250,000 Tax ID/Name combinations on your behalf for matching to the IRS database through our TIN validation service. The IRS TIN validation process is easy — simply send us your database in any format and we do the rest. Your database is returned with a code and description indicating the success or failure of the IRS SSN verification process.

1.Tax ID and Name match
2.Tax ID was missing or was entered incorrectly
3.Tax ID entered is not currently issued
4.Tax ID and Name do not match
5.Invalid Tax ID matching request
6.Duplicate Tax ID matching request
7.If TIN type is 3 (unknown), a match has been found on the National Accounts Profile/DUNS Marketing Identifier database. This is for SSNs only.
8.If TIN type is 3 (unknown), a match has been found on the National Accounts Profile/DUNS Marketing Identifier database. This is for EINs only.
9.If TIN type is 3 (unknown), a match has been found on both the National Accounts Profile/DUNS Marketing Identifier and EIN databases.

Tax ID Verification Service

Setting up a Tax ID verification account takes only five minutes. There is no software to install, configure or learn. Just call and ask for a 1099 service specialist to get started today.