Post-Filing Correction Processing

1099 Corrections after your initial e-filing

How Do You File 1099 Corrections Online?

One of the major advantages of the TSC1099 system is the ability to handle post-filing 1099 corrections. Knowing how to file amended 1099 forms is a problem for many organizations. Once the initial 1099 e-filing is done, corrections to existing 1099s or new forms must be transmitted to the IRS. The requirements for the correction filing can be complex and, if done incorrectly, may result in the assessment of IRS penalties.

Whether the issue is an incorrect amount entered or a mismatched Tax ID number, you need experts who can file a corrected 1099-NEC online or other form without risk of further errors. Although the process appears simple on the surface, filing a corrected 1099 needs to be handled with care. Any further mistakes can lead to delays or even charges from the IRS.

Tab Service Company makes it easy to spot errors and correct them. We assist with Type 1 errors, such as using the wrong box on the form, as well as Type 2 errors, which can include 1099s sent to individuals instead of their companies. If the error involved, however, involves the payer name and/or Tax ID, it must be resolved through a written letter to the IRS. In most cases, corrections should be submitted as soon as the errors are discovered.

With TSC1099, Make the Change and You’re Done

Working with TSC1099 simplifies the process. Instead of making large-scale changes manually, you contact your account rep, and we resolve the issue programmatically.

To make changes to a 1099 that has been issued or to add a 1099, just log in to the TSC1099 platform. Powerful search functions allow you to quickly locate and change a specific 1099 record. You can then print and mail a revised copy to the recipient or simply send it as an encrypted PDF attachment via e-mail. The corrected 1099 is then transmitted to the IRS e-file system automatically. It’s that easy!

We are responsible for the client’s initial IRS e-filing and an unlimited number of post-filing corrections for the duration of the business relationship. There are no costs or hidden fees for correction processing.

We make it easy and simple to file corrected 1099s online. If you have any questions or require additional support, use the “CONTACT US” link below or call our 24/7 Customer Support number at (312) 929-2375.