Service Organization Control (SOC2) Compliance

Safely Handling Your Sensitive Information

We Go To Great Lengths To Protect Your Data

We understand that you cannot take risks with your data. That’s why Tab Service is committed to keeping your confidential data secure while it’s in our custody. Our commitment is backed by an annual organizational audit performed  by an independent CPA firm, as well as by regular penetration testing conducted by an industry-leading information firm. We  undergo these procedures to establish a trusting relationship with our clients and providing you with the peace of mind you deserve.

Service Organization Control Audit & Report

A SOC2 (Service Organization Control) audit is a rigorous process conducted by an independent agent and concludes with a detailed SOC2 report of their findings related to essential trust service principles including:

  • SOC2 Security
  • Processing Integrity
  • Confidentiality

Tab Service’s annual SOC2 audit is conducted by Plante Moran, the nation’s 11th largest certified public accounting firm, and their latest detailed evaluation issued in October 2021 indicates that our company demonstrates all the necessary operational controls to meet those essential trust principles and become SOC2 certified—no exceptions were found, and a clean opinion was issued. Tab Service Company’s current SOC2 report is available to current and prospective clients upon execution of a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Regular Penetration Testing To Stay A Step Ahead

Halock Security Labs, a premier information security consultancy, performs rigorous penetration testing on the TSC1099 platform. The goals are twofold:

  1. To find and remediate any vulnerabilities in our environment
  2. To determine the effectiveness of our existing security controls

Upon completion of the testing, we receive a Halock Penetration Test Report that details the findings, documents any vulnerabilities found, and recommends countermeasures to prevent attacks and ensure that we meet or exceed our SOC2 compliance requirements. TSC1099 continually updates our security controls in accordance with the test results.