Section 6056: Large Employer Reporting

Fulfilling Your 1095-C Reporting Requirements

Section 6056 Reporting for Large Employers

TSC1099 allows users to upload year-end employee data that includes the basic information from which our system calculates the codes and furnishes the 1095-C tax forms. The system architecture was developed with the end-user experience in mind. Our system combines an intuitive user interface with automated form generation to make it a vital year-end resource for companies required to submit forms 1095-C (health coverage enrollment information sent to each employee and the IRS) and 1094-C (summary information sent only to the IRS).

Who Is Required to File Forms 1095-C/1094-C?

Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) with 50+ full-time employees or full-time equivalents are required to distribute form 1095-C to their employees. These forms contain detailed health coverage information and offer codes that the employee uses to verify whether he or she (and spouse + dependents) were covered for each month during the year. Employers must distribute these forms in a timely and accurate manner to avoid misreporting and costly penalties from the Internal Revenue Service.

Health care law is among the most complex. But tax time does not need to be a costly and time-consuming burden on your organization. Our system and service teams help to make the process of applicable large employer reporting less taxing.

How Does the TSC1099 ALE ACA Reporting Work?

After speaking to an ACA compliance consultant and determining your reporting responsibilities, TSC1099 offers one-on-one training sessions on the use of our cloud system. We provide all ACA users with a standard Excel template and data collection guidance.

When you’re ready to start, simply upload your annual employee data file and our system calculates the individual codes for each tax form — saving you countless hours. Finally, you review and approve the 1095-Cs. That’s all there is to it!

Overview of Our 1095-C/1094-C Reporting Process

  1. ACA reporting consultation
  2. One-on-one system training
  3. Data collection guidance and review sessions
  4. Upload of data to web system and review/approval of forms
  5. Printing and mailing of forms
  6. E-filing to IRS and handling of post-filing corrections

Additional system features include:

  • Automated offer code generation
  • Automated Safe Harbor Code generation
  • Supply and delivery of 1095-C Form Series
  • Real-time 1095-C/1094-C corrections to IRS
  • Form quality control review
  • Sample data review sessions
  • Data consolidation into one comprehensive database
  • Tax ID validation services
  • Electronic presentment of employee statements (1095-C)
  • Custom data manipulation
  • Variable hour tracking
  • Very intuitive web application with no software to learn
  • Reduced risk of new IRS penalties