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Tab Service Company, 60+ Years and Going Strong

Tab Service Company was founded in Chicago in 1960 by Robert Lambert Sr. Originally a bookkeeping and data entry service firm, our company expanded and evolved our services to meet changing technologies. Today, we are widely known as a one-stop shop that offers a range of automated solutions that help our clients increase productivity and efficiency.

In 2005, Tab Service Company launched the TSC1099 platform to provide a complete solution to clients’ 1099 reporting needs. We have responded to our clients’ needs throughout the years by providing enhanced functionality and increased security.

In addition to improving the user experience, we continually update the TSC1099 platform to handle the processing of new tax forms and the ever-changing IRS regulations. This includes adding the ability to handle the 1095 forms series for the Affordable Care Act as well as the 1099-NEC form introduced in TY2020.

We Provide Superior Customer Service

At Tab Service Company, we  pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Every effort is made to help new clients get comfortable with our platform by offering tutorials and clear-cut examples.

Our unique system, created by an in-house development team, combines a user-friendly platform with impeccable customer service and processing integrity that keep our customers coming back year after year.