1099 Printing / Mailing

A Single Source for 1099 Reporting and Distribution

Let Us Handle All Your 1099 Print and Mail Needs

TSC1099 offers a quick, easy way to print your 1099 forms and get them out the door — on time — every tax season. We operate a high-volume 1099 printing and mailing services facility in Chicago, Illinois that handles every type of tax form.

Once you submit your data to the TSC1099 system, we handle the rest. After your data enters our 1099 printing software and is validated, we generate summary reports along with a 1099 print and mail proof that you view and approve on your web browser. Upon receiving your approval, we begin your 1099 printing and mailing while taking advantage of all postal discounts to keep your costs down.

Pressure Seal Forms

Our pressure seal forms are not only the most cost-effective means for 1099 distribution, but they also ensure that sensitive information is securely delivered to the recipient. After printing, the 1099 tax form is then passed through one of our production pressure sealers; these sealers use pressure rather than heat to activate a strong adhesive on the paper’s edge.

SSN Masking

Our 1099 printing service obscures all but the last four digits of the individual’s Social Security Number on the forms. This ensures that this highly sensitive data will be kept confidential and prevents identity theft.

PDFs and Other Digital Copies

When you take advantage of our 1099 mailing service, you also will receive the same documents as PDFs or other digital copies. Not only does this provide you with a convenient way to update your electronic records, it also delivers peace of mind that comes from knowing you always have a backup of the information you’ve sent. These digital records also have been determined to be secure for online deliveries.


E-delivery refers to electronic W-2 and 1099 distribution to individuals who require them prior to tax season. This is the most efficient and effective way to provide copies of these documents to anyone who needs them while also remaining in compliance with IRS regulations. We can handle the entire process for you — all we need is a list of email addresses for those recipients who have opted into e-delivery before the next tax season begins. We track all those who elect to receive their documents in this manner. Those who opt out of this service will be sent their physical forms in the mail automatically through our services. There is no special software required to take advantage of this — we take care of all the processing so you don’t have to worry about importing data or keeping track of participants. We make the entire process as simple for you and your employees as possible.

Custom 1099 Forms Design

Our in-house design team helps you develop a custom 1099 form if you desire, or we can migrate your existing 1099 forms to the TSC1099 system. This allows you to access your own custom forms through our web-based system.