1095 ACA Reporting Services

ACA 6055/6056 Reporting and Compliance Services

Complying with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Requirements

For many businesses, the ACA requirements are more than they can handle in-house. That’s where we come in. Our ACA reporting services save you time and money and make sure the job gets done correctly!

The TSC1099 ACA software platform was created by our development team to take the burden off employers or policy issuers. When you use our ACA reporting software for employers, you won’t need to spend hours calculating individual offer of coverage codes or employee statuses month-to-month. Simply upload your employee data to our template, review the forms and approve them.

TSC1099 Solves Our Clients’ 1095 Reporting Pain Points

Why do our clients rely on us to meet their IRS ACA reporting requirements? Many of our clients feel that outsourcing ACA reporting is the best solution for the following reasons:

  • ACA 1094 and 1095 reporting takes too much time and effort.
  • The ACA reporting requirements are unclear.
  • Getting the IRS Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) system to accept transmissions is difficult.
  • Other solutions are too costly.

If any of the above points accurately describe your experience during the last filing season, call and speak with one of our ACA account representatives today. The ACA regulations are some of the most complex, but ACA 1095 reporting doesn’t have to be difficult.

Why Choose TSC1099’s ACA Compliance Services?

The IRS allows ACA reporting entities to look to third-party administrative service providers to file their returns with the IRS and furnish the statements to employees as required under Sections 6056 and 6055. TSC1099 offers ACA compliance services as part of our low-cost, full outsourcing plan to employers who are required to file this return.

The TSC1099 web system is used to furnish various IRS tax forms that need to be distributed to recipients in a secure, accurate and timely fashion. Since the creation of the system, we have continually upgraded and invested in ways to decrease the pain points of each tax filing season.  Tax time does not have to be a painful, costly and time-consuming burden to your organization.