National Change of Address (NCOA) processing with Siemens Universal U-Move

November 26, 2013

At Tab Service Company we not only stress ease of use and speed but also how accurate we are with our outsourcing services. When it comes to 1099 processing we will run your recipient list through Siemens Universal U-Move system so that any 1099 recipient who has moved and filed a change of address with the US Postal Service will be updated. In doing so you we won’t waste your time and money sending out forms to incorrect addresses. This system is highly effective— although it is optional for a US resident who has moved to report their change of address it is highly beneficial for them to do so. The NCOA database is comprised of over 160 million permanent changes of address filings so it is likely when processing high volumes of 1099 tax forms that a portion of them will show up here. We trust this system because of Siemens impeccable product track record and the success that has been experienced by commercial mailers across the US who use it. This is only one among various standard operating procedures we implement to ensure the quality of our services. Check out our system features to read more about these procedures.