US-Based Call Center Support

Can’t handle all the technical support and general FAQ calls from recipients?

We provide filers with the option to use our toll-free 1-800 that is printed directly on the form. The filer is also provided with a support email resource that they can communicate to their recipients. When the inevitable wave of calls and emails arrive we will be able to handle the load in an effective and timely manner.  Our operators are native English speakers with Spanish options available and they are well versed on technical and commonly asked questions.  This option is highly recommended for filer’s that choose to give recipients access to the forms electronically on our secure web application.

A Strategic Value beyond Savings….

Tab Service Company prides itself on the value it can bring to its customers while keeping extremely competitive rates.  It’s what we are good at.

Our rates starts at $ .10 per recipient for unlimited call center and technical support during a calendar year.

We invite you to contact us anytime to discuss your needs.

312-527-4306 | [email protected]