1099 Printing and Mailing Services

A single source for your 1099 distribution needs…


Tab Service Company offers a quick, easy way to get your 1099’s printed and out the door every tax season. We operate a high-volume 1099 printing and mailing service facility in Chicago, IL that can handle the printing and mailing of any type of tax form .

Once you submit your data to the TSC1099 system, Tab Service Company will handle the rest. We generate a proof run that can be viewed and approved on your web browser. Once we receive your approval, we will begin your 1099 printing and mailing, taking advantage of all postal discounts to keep your costs down.

Pressure seal forms

Just what is a pressure seal form? 

The most cost-effective way to get 1099’s to the recipient, our pressure seal forms will ensure that sensitive information is delivered to the recipient securely. After the 1099 tax form is printed they are then passed through one of our production pressure sealers that uses pressure rather than heat to activate a strong adhesive on the paper’s edge.

Custom 1099 forms design

Our in-house design team can assist you with developing a custom 1099 form or we can migrate your existing 1099 forms to TSC1099. This will allow you to access your own custom forms through our Web-based system.

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